Marseille Web Fest (Oct. 2017)

Bilbao SERIESLAND (Oct. 2017)

4 Nominations: Best web series | Best actress (Ana Caldas) | Best ensemble cast | Unstoppable Amets

Awards: Unstoppable Amets | Special Prize from Sicily Web Fest | Special Prize from Buenos Aires BAWebFest

Baltimore New Media Web Fest (Nov. 2017)

Awards: Best Direction in Comedy (Ana Ramón Rubio) | 2º prize Best Webserie

NYC Web Series Festival (Nov. 2017)

Awards: Best Thriller/Mistery

Rio WebFest (Nov. 2017)

2 nominations: Best Direction (Ana Ramón Rubio) | Best Thriller series

Dublin Web Fest (Nov. 2017)

Nominated as Best Thriller

South Florida Web Fest (Dic. 2017)

Worldwide Women’s Film Festival. Arizona USA (Feb. 2018)

Buenos Aires Web Fest (Mar. 2018)

Carballo Interplay (April. 2018)

DC Web Fest (April. 2018)

Vancouver WebFest (April. 2018)

Nominee Best Dramedy | Nominee Best Cinematography

Rome Web Fest (April. 2018)

16 nominations: Best Pilot | Best European Creation | Best Cliffhanger scenes | Best Thriller | Best Directing Thriller (Ana Ramón Rubio) | Best Actress Thriller (Ana Caldas and Fede Rey) | Best Actor Thriller (Jaime Reynolds) | Best Supporting Actress Thriller (Maria Albiñana) | Best Supporting Actor Thriller (Joan Manuel Gurillo) | Best Cast Thriller | Best Film Editing Thriller (Cristina Vivó and Ana Ramón Rubio) | Best Cinematography Thriller (Carlos López) | Best Screenplay Thriller (Ana Ramón Rubio) | Best Poster Thriller (Carlos Sánchez from CREATIAS  Diseño y comunicación) | Best Trailer Thriller

HollyWebFestival (April. 2018)

Die Seriale (June. 2018)

2 nominations: Best Actress (Ana Caldas) | Best Screenplay (Ana Ramón Rubio)

Sicily Web Fest (June. 2018)

Seoul Web Fest (August. 2018)